Painting Services

painting services

Handy man jobs are known to be sometimes too expensive but we can offer you highly qualified painting services at affordable prices.

In average we have prices that are up to 30% cheaper for any painting or spring cleaning job (including getting rid of the debris)

If it isn’t enough…we also promise to finish the job in less time than you may think.

Please call us to get a visit and a free estimation of the work.


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The house was scraped and painted; everything was cleaned up. They asked us to look around first on our own and then to walk around with them. There was a tiny little mark on a door, which was cleaned up immediately -- my wife actually noticed it, not me. They painted the house as well as an extra back garage that we have, which is like another little house and has a lot of windows. Both structures were done beautifully.

I would recommend them to anyone who asked; neighbors commented on how quickly the job was completed.

Philippe F.


We used the services of Click Deal for a few days in the summer 2015 and were very pleased with the quality provided. The painter came in time every day and did his job very well. He prepared the area for painting well and did his job professionally and quickly. He then cleaned and left all furniture back in its place. We would use the services of the company again and highly recommend them.

We indeed would need to discusse when we want to do he other parts of the apartment, but it will likely be in the spring. Once we decide, we would contact you as we would like to use the services of your painter again - he was indeed very nice and worked very well.



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