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home cleaning services

Let us help you with home cleaning services such as:

  • carpet care: may it be an oriental rug, or a modern one, we can pick-up, clean,repair, and deliver or clean your wall-to-wall carpet at the best prices: 19.00 CHF/m2
  • furniture cleaning: your coach or any furniture gets stained or simply dirty - ask us for an estimation to make it as clean as new.
  • leather cleaning: car seats or coaches, sofas in leather can be cleaned to look new
  • mattresses cleaning: if you have had an accident with a pet or a baby, or you simply want to get rid of dust mites, we come with our equipment to bring freshness and cleanliness to your home - ask for a free estimation

You want to have a total cleaning in your home? Let us clean all your curtains at the best price…

Our hourly rates are very competitive!


sema@clickdeal.ch or 076 589 67 74

They deep cleaned portions of my home, including my kitchen and master bathroom. You don’t know the definition of the word “clean” until you’ve used the services of ClickDeal. I was astounded at how gleaming and shining my house could be after they were here.

Lilly A.


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