Handy Man Jobs

handy man services

All the things you cannot do or have no time to do around the house. We have expert hands who come and fix everything that needs fixing or doing:

  • hanging pictures, mirrors, lamps – anything that needs a strong drill
    and knowhow
  • assembling or dessembling furniture
  • fixing broken objects
  • heavy moving around the house
  • tiding up of attics, or garages or throwing away heavy objects

For any kind of work which looks too cumbersome, no matter how little, or how big, we put things in order.

Don't forget that our prices and estimations are very competitive



info@clickdeal.ch or 076 589 67 74

Great work, really worth the money. They do everything! I called them for one job, they did it so quickly they ended up doing three jobs in the time I had scheduled them for. They were on time, and they stayed for the time promised. Call them for anything and everything! Great attention to detail.

Elisabeth K.

Housewife, Commugny

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