Garden Care

garden care

Can you do all you want to do in your garden ?

We can come for once or the whole season or year on a regular basis
You can enjoy your garden without it being a burden
We can put your garden and entrance in a remarkable shape by ;

  • cleaning of stones, pathways, terraces
  • cleaning of cabines
  • cleaning of verandas
  • cutting of hedges, plants, shaping of bushes
  • cleaning of leaves in the autumn
  • taking care of vegetable gardens
  • watering of plants in your absence
  • ...or anything you want done

Relax and call us, because whether you just need a quick mow or you’re ready to make some major landscaping changes, we can help you enjoy your garden instead of worrying about it!

Please keep in mind that our estimations and hourly rates are very competitive

CONTACT US NOW! or 076 589 67 74

We have been using ClickDeal to maintain our garden throughout 2013. The amount of our personal time this has freed for other purposes and the improvement in the garden's appearance has been amazing. It is not just 'gardening time' that is saved but the time spent disposing of grass cuttings, prunings, leaves and general detritus.

The garden is now maintained to a high standard by ClickDeal and the team of gardeners who provide a professional and reliable service.

Martin W.

Retired, Coppet

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